A huge thanks to Forum Members and Site Visitors!

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Chris posted this 01 August 2017

I want to throw out a huge thank you, my friends that have helped, to all Forum Members and Site Visitors.

The recent changes were massive, dozens of Gigabytes of Data added to my site, excellent progress in the Forum with excellent Members!

We have made more progress in the last weeks than in the last several years! Visitors on my YouTube Channels are way up, comments way up, huge interest is being shown!

From a whisper to a Voice!

We couldn't have seen a more successful start to phase two of my effort!

You are all awesome!



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alohalaoha posted this 02 August 2017



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Evostars posted this 02 August 2017

Together we will get there

a quad core computer in my pocket, but a car still needs fuel

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Chris posted this 02 August 2017

Thank You Guys!

We are already, I see some already have the whole concept, just needing time to practice and persist. Then comes the successes!

It truly is a case of Dotting the i's and Crossing the t's, making sure to follow the concepts correctly.

We already have the picture complete, it is the basic theory of why it works is not yet complete.


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gnosticman posted this 09 August 2017

I really think you should accept Bitcoin, Monero, and Dash donations.  (and others, for that matter)  It's easy enough to make a wallet and post your receipt address.

Chris posted this 09 August 2017

Hi Gnosticman, thanks for the ideas.

There is a voice inside me that said: "stay away from the money side of this it will get you into trouble"

But thank you, I do appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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