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admin posted this 22 March 2017

Some areas have been locked down! You will ONLY be able to see/Read these areas if you're logged in. This means you have to have an active account to be able to read and post to these areas!

This is a Public Forum, so you can register and create an account at any time.

I believe by limiting the viewing of these areas to Active Logged In Users this will help with any possible problems in the future!

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matt posted this 29 March 2017

I kind of like the idea of the private workbench area.  First saw it at OUR when Grumage invited me there.  I took that concept and incorporated it to where it remains a very valuable asset to the forum.  I'm no longer a member of OUR anymore BTW.  I do still have accounts at OSE, OU, Energetic Forum and now here @ HYIQ.  That's probably about all I can manage and still get any work done.

Another area that I think would be good to setup is a welcome area.  A place to meet-n-greet; find out who I'm sharing with.

Having said that, I'm really on the fence about OpenSource for some things.  OSE is a great forum to share OpenSource material, but it's a really bad place to talk openly about projects where people have signed NDAs and such.  Some things just don't belong out in the open visible to the entire world via the Internet.  There's things I could talk about, but I would have to be absolutely certain the people accessing this material are vetted and will keep it to themselves, hopefully using it for good purposes.

So lastly, if you are going to have private areas, the registration process must be tightened down a lot.  It's no good if some joe blow registers in the middle of the night, scoops up private information and abandons his account.  I'm thinking Chris, you need some kind of staff or "board of directors" to look at registration requests which need to contain something pertinent and then decide thumbs-up or thumbs-down.  I can't tell you how to do this because it's all trust based.  You just have to have a good feeling about someone before you let them in the door.  Otherwise you need a man eating dog waiting in the foyer.

I wish I could offer better advice.  Some things are just difficult with the world we live in these days.  And if you fix one problem, inevitably you create another.

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Chris posted this 29 March 2017

Hi Matt - Agreed. I have thought on this for some time.

I am thinking about a tier based approach. Where those that behave and are keen and trustworthy, that do the leg work and want to learn and build, can move up a tier based on votes from the already members of that tier. As you say, this is hard to manage!

I also want others to feel welcome and valuable. We will have the best, safest forum on the net, as well as yours of course!

The OU Trolls that run rampant over at are only pawns in a much bigger game of Bought and Paid For Shill - where the energy companies I have recently exposed, pay the bills!

We have had private invite only forums before and they can be prone to the same things you mention! We had one case, where an Invite was issued to a person pretending to be someone else, even posting videos from another channel completely not related to this person. So infiltration is inevitable. Nothing can be completely sure.

Still Area's can be locked down, and it is something I am looking at, and invites to those areas can be done. It is the vetting that is hardest, but easier when you can see a good history!

All the best, great to have you aboard also - We have a real good bunch!



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Wistiti posted this 29 March 2017

Hi guys! I'm agree to...

May i suggest until we figure a way to go, if someone want to share some info privately, to use the private mail this way only selected people will see it... I just don't know if we can mail at more than 1 person at the same time..?

It is just a suggestion...


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Chris posted this 29 March 2017

Hey Wistiti, Matt, Thaelin, I have created a "Restricted Access" Area. This can be a trial and we can see how the Tier Based approach goes. With some of our Tech, we do have some problems and it is best to sort these problems out before giving it to the people. SOME (TM) cant even replicate the MRPreva Experiment, so replicating this he has no chance! However, this is going to be a problem no matter what, we cant expect everyone to get it right first time.

The point is, "NO ONE is going to do it for US" We have to learn and "DO THIS for OURSELVES"!!!

So a message to all reading: 

This is super simple Tech! It Does take some grasping! Its not easy to get it right first time! You must think in terms of Magnetic Fields Interacting together to produce an Excess in Electromagnetic Induction! Please I ask you, do the research! See OUR: [SUPPORT] section, Replicate the MRPreva Experiment as we have, Learn How Magnetic Fields Interact together! Ask us if you need help! That's what the forum is for!

Everybody is important to me, but we do have to be a little careful, our main problems with this tech are simple, but complex to solve! One is how to predict a device exactly, turns Core Material, and so on, there is a bit of Guess work in this still.

WE will have more information for everyone soon!