Can we loop a system?

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Dkdyker posted this 08 January 2018


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Dkdyker posted this 08 January 2018

I have a new vid that shows the amps on the output side of my setup are higher than the input. Time experiments show that the setup is much more energy efficient than direct power connections. What is the best way to loop a system without loosing the extra power we have??

Chris posted this 08 January 2018

Welcome Dkdyker - Now were talking - The Key is Timing.

In  a Pulsed DC System, there are two parts to this:

  • Energy Usage part of the Cycle - Typically Your Input
  • Energy Charge part of the Cycle - Typically Your Output

So, at the Energy Charge part of the Cycle, you Dump Charge back into your Input Cap.

An AC System is similar, requiring various Feed Forward/Back methods.

Like any bucket, filling the bucket is only a viable procedure if the bucket is not being emptied. So with some thought and some experimentation, the answer is yes, the System can be looped.

Normally, a separation from Input Paths to Output Paths must be achieved. Meaning Your Input cant be easily recycled back to your Input again. JB SG style, its not a very successful approach in other words.

Power, Energy, is the average Voltage x Current over time, so we need to make sure both the Voltage and he Current Output is greater than the Input, then this is possible.


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Dkdyker posted this 09 January 2018

Chris thanks, so new readings on input 0.04 amps 0.09 VDC used in one minute Output 0.59 amps 3 VDC after one minute. So I think with a connection to the battery we may be able to loop ?

Chris posted this 09 January 2018

Hey Dkdyer,

If you use a Run Cap, maybe 16v 1000uf, and charge this with your Battery, then disconnect, then with diodes Charge your Run Cap from your Output, this should work. But, Output must be isolated from input...

But remembering, this depends on Timing, if the Timing is not right, then it wont work.

Basically, you dont really want to be Charging at the same time as powering, at least my results have been poor this way.

E.G: You cant fill a cap when its full, and empting a cap requires filling again - Am I making any sense here?