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Chris posted this 07 December 2017

Hi Everyone - To let you know, we have recently seen the slime of humanity raise its head.

Unacceptable content has been used on this Website - behaviour that is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. I have banned and deleted this filth!

The IP Address has been logged and a formal deformation letter has been drafted and will be sent to the APNIC and IANA

I have updated the Stop Words on this site, so, for the rest of humanity that has no desire to behave like satanic slime, and its an honest typo and you hit a Stop Word, you will get this:

Stop Words! If you select a word to be a stop word. Then instead of replacing characters is just abandons the current action. So for example you could put a stop word as <nasty word> which would stop link spammers.

Or you could just use normal words like <Nasty Word>, which would stop anyone trying to post with that in (This also applies to profiles, so they can't sign up just to get a link).

I will do whatever it takes to keep the scum out, we do not condone and will not accept this filth!

I can not believe the filth that enters some heads, we put down animals for less, it makes me sick to my stomach!


divinelectrix posted this 08 December 2017

Yeah i hear you clearly bro!

Lets keep it clean and moral!