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Chris posted this 05 May 2017

I would like to extend a warm welcome to All Members! 

This thread is the idea of Pat1 so I would like to thank Pat1 for this excellent idea! I have moved Pat1's first post here on the suggestion.

Welcome Every Body!


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Marathonman posted this 2 weeks ago


Welcome to the most Trolless forum on the net.



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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

I want to extend a big warm welcome to all new members!

Please use the link provided on the right hand side: Help with using the Forum

We have had some recent changes, and Guests can not see some topics at all now.

Members can see all Tier I Topics.

We are building a new and safe community, where Trolls have been all but Eliminated! We have a very strict policy on Trolls and have already removed some.

All Members are safe here!

Although we may have from time to time the odd imposter sign up an account and join us, we soon give them the BOOT!

I have a big Red Button!

Have fun, progress, share and you're guaranteed to learn something along the way!



We truly are, Light Years ahead of the others!


Chris posted this 30 March 2018

P.S: We have had History show us many things, but with Energy Machines, one lesson above all others is very much more important!

From Greed, lies are born, selfishness evolves, arrogance lumes, and self destruction approaches!


Properties that are clearly apparent time and time again, the self defeating Human Being! If Humans are to succeed it must be without the above tenancies! Sadly I see so much of in so many!


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Chris posted this 30 March 2018

Hello and welcome Tony!

Yes, you're right, we do not allow Trolls! Ever! 

Zanzal is right! If you have time, please replicate The Mr Preva Experiment and then the Thread: Some Coils Buck and Some Coils DONT

These two threads will get you up to where we are currently.

One has to think in terms of Electrons and making them move, like Water in a Pipe. Like the LHC accelerates electrons around in a big circle, round and round accelerating Electrons close to the speed of light! How do they do it?

Yes   -->   Magnetic Fields! Electric and Magnetic Fields are Orthogonal, at right angles!



Yes, there has been a lot of hard work in bringing this technology forward! Lots of very intelligent people have had their most basic textbook principles challenged! Some very smart people have seen others come forward, showing experimental proof that what I am sharing is true and correct! Very intelligent people not able to find or explain any errors!

Something that has never happened at all throughout history! 


Unfortunately I have been the target of many personal attacks and a lot of negative, damaging, gossip!

Some see the fact that I have not demonstrated a working device as a lack of proof and lack of evidence of the Fundamental Technology!

These people do not take into account the working devices presented by others, after their guidance from myself and their own experience on the bench, and then the demonstration and lack of explanation of any other than what I am sharing - It is true, third party replications are very much more valuable than a demonstration by a single person! People just fail to see this!

If I wasn't here, who then would be sharing this Technology with others?

Stick to hard fact and one will never have a problem!



P.S: in-case you don't already know:

Many here laugh at, and mok EMJ, but the fact is , he is basically right in what he is trying to put forward.

Tinman - Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy = COP 1.87


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Zanzal posted this 30 March 2018

Hello all,

My name is Tony and have just joined your most welcome forum.

Hello Tony. Welcome. Although I am a beginner as well, I think the key is observation. Observe everything you can, try new things. Observe how coils interact and how wave forms change. Every experiment has something interesting, something new you can learn and discover. When you have enough pieces the picture will be clear. Or so I believe. Also check out the Mr Preva experiment. Chris recommends it as a first step.

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Hopeful1 posted this 30 March 2018

Hello all,

My name is Tony and have just joined your most welcome forum. I have been searching for a place like this for a long time,where there are no interrupters allowed. Every other forum I've been on got messed up because of people who either don't listen or are only there to spoil it for those who do. I found the O.U.R. records where they gave Chris such a hard time that he left. I followed Bedini for a lot of years and built a S.G. but realised that they were never going to give enough information for anyone like me to get anywhere." Feed them breadcrumbs" was his motto. I have very little knowledge about this subject, but some say this is a good thing as I don't have to RE-learn. So looking forward to learning lots.


Chris posted this 08 October 2017

Welcome Atti and greeting from Australia!

I understand your very well, thank you for your contributions! I have not seen this video, I will study in detail.

Please feel free to post your work, ideas and discovery's, we have a no trolls aloud policy here and all here are safe, no one gets picked on here.



Atti posted this 08 October 2017

Chris and everybody else!greeting From Hungary.thanks for the sharing of the informations. My opportunity I contribute to your work adequately. With what I deal fundamentally it Bóday Árpád magnetodinamic generator.   

Good work.


Excuse me if cannot be understood,but I use web translation.

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Chris posted this 04 September 2017

Ah ok, thanks Dave - Welcome to our Forum!

Please ask if you have questions about what we are sharing!


Dave Wing posted this 04 September 2017

Hi Dave - Welcome!

Wow what a coincidence, splitting the positive, a friend and I just witnessed something very strange with that, and the Energetic Forum - By any chance, did you save the image from a user called: Matthew Jones, the post was posted to this link:


The attachment was removed: UhOh.jpg, then the entire post - A very odd situation!





I saw it, if it was the one where it was near the top of that particular page in that thread a few days ago. Matt made a statement that was, what I took to be as a some sort of comment about a video that someone had posted (it seemed like he unintentionally posted in the wrong thread) and he also included an image that contained a type of joke... It made no sense to me and I assume Aaron or another moderator may have simply removed it. 

Dave Wing

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